Taste the Difference: How Fresh, Quality Ingredients Make for a Better Pizzeria Experience

Jan 17, 2023 | Pizza

Pizza Volta strives to make the best pizza experience possible for you, our valued customers. Our ingredients are chosen with love and intention to create a genuinely memorable pizza feast. And when it comes to creating delicious pizzas bursting with flavor, we know that fresh ingredients from sustainable sources make all the difference! 

So if you haven’t experienced fresh pizza for yourself, allow us to tantalize your tastebuds. Keep reading and learn how fresh, quality ingredients make pizza better than you thought possible!

Why are Fresh Pizza Ingredients Important?

Fresh ingredients make options for pizzas limitless. Once you try them, you can’t go back to the frozen pizzas from the store or low-quality restaurants. And as the world wakes up to the power of fresh pizza, restaurants that cut corners won’t survive. 

Low-quality ingredients lack flavor and the robustness of vine-ripe tomatoes, fresh picked basil, and homemade pizza crust. And at Pizza Volta, the quality of our ingredients is key to serving amazing pizza that our customers love.

Taste the Difference

A pizza made with ingredients from cans and store shelves doesn’t belong on your plate. With fresh pizza, your senses are overwhelmed with flavors you’ve never experienced. You can even see the difference when you look at fresh pizza.

The vegetables are vibrant, the meats are juicy, and the crust is light and airy. In addition, the tomato sauce tastes alive and zesty, something canned tomatoes could never replicate.


Locally Sourced Ingredients

The best ingredients are sourced directly from local farmers. This ensures maximum freshness and quality for customers.

Supporting local farmers is a fantastic way to keep our plates full. And it keeps money out of lackluster, industrialized ingredients.

At Pizza Volta, we focus on organic ingredients whenever possible. We take every action to ensure that our pizza ingredients are sourced locally and regionally.

Healthier for Everyone 

One of the best things about fresh ingredients is that they are healthier for us and the planet. Unfortunately, ingredients grown on industrialized farms are full of pesticides, GMOs, and other nasty contaminants. These additives should not go into our beautiful bodies. 

Additionally, these contaminants harm the Earth. They make it more difficult to grow quality ingredients and live healthy lives.

But organically-grown local ingredients are the future of food. Healthy pizza ingredients are full of flavor and better for everyone.

Order Online Today: Experience Our Fresh Pizza

At Pizza Volta, we make every pizza to order with the freshest ingredients in Salt Lake City, Utah. We use different pizza ingredients from all around the area. So come visit us and taste our handcrafted, organic pizzas.

We work hard to bring you top-quality pizza in Utah. And eating new pizzas doesn’t have to be a struggle. Order pizza online today!


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