The Definitive History of Pizza

Dec 1, 2022 | Pizza

Bread. Sauce. Cheese.

Separately, they are all delicious foods. But put together, they are even better.

There is something so delicious about a warm pizza fresh out of the oven. Who first combined these ingredients in one place?

The history of pizza isn’t a straightforward path, but it did get us to where we are today with the number of amazing pizzas we have for our enjoyment. Read on to learn all about the history of pizza.

Early History of Pizza

The history of pizza is a long, winding road. It dates back to ancient Greece, at the beginning of what has become a favorite meal worldwide.

Documents and poems have been found that date back to days long before the 1800s, talking about small, round pieces of bread that somewhat resemble the pizza that we know today. However, this was more of a flatbread than a pizza with toppings like mushrooms or herbs.

Naples in the 1800s

Pizza remained this way for a long time, primarily discussed more as a specific type of bread with toppings rather than a pizza. 

It started to gain popularity in Naples, where modern pizza (as we know it today) came to be.

Street vendors sold these flatbreads with garlic, salt, herbs, and cheese. They would also add other toppings as well. However, because street vendors sold them, these were meant for the working class and other low-paid workers.

In the late 1800s, Queen Margherita requested typical local dishes while in Naples. After eating a pizza (one that had basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes on it), the modern Margherita pizza was born.

Pizza and the War

Pizza didn’t become popular until World War II in the mid-1900s. Troops stationed in Italy began to eat pizza as an easy meal during their busy and stressful times. 

As soldiers returned to the US and other countries, the idea of pizza spread worldwide as well.

Today’s Pizza

Nowadays, pizza is a staple in so many different cultures. In fact, here in the U.S., we eat 100 acres of pizza per day.

However, the pizza we eat today differs from what it used to be. We now enjoy all different types of pizza, from the classic Margherita to BBQ pizza, white pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and even more unique takes like Asian fusion pizza or Mexican pizza.

While there are many different kinds of pizza today, the history of pizza remains the reason we have the variety we do today.

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

After reading the history of pizza, you may be hungry for a slice (or an entire pie). If that’s the case, you can order a pizza online or call ahead to ensure we have a seat for you waiting here at Pizza Volta.

So what are you waiting for? Get your pizza now!


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