All About the Pizza For a Purpose Program

Jan 3, 2023 | Pizza-for-Purpose

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the United States. More than three billion pizzas per year are eaten throughout the country! 

But what if pizza can be more than a bite to eat? We believe cheese, tomato, and a tasty crust can combine to help the community. And when we open our doors to the community for our Pizza For a Purpose program, people can come together to help those who need it.

If you want to learn more about this fantastic program, you’ve come to the right place. We put this article together to explain everything you need to know!

All About the Pizza For a Purpose Program

Pizza For a Purpose is our way of giving back to the community. We invite a local non-profit organization to promote their cause at our restaurant every Tuesday night.

You can come to the restaurant and promote your cause on the night. From handing out flyers to talking to members of the community, there are so many ways you can raise awareness.

That’s not all! We also give a portion of the profits from each pizza sold to the night’s non-profit. Whether for eat-in or takeout, a portion of the profits goes to charity. 

Serving Our Community in More Ways Than One

We’re dedicated to serving the community as a family-owned, community-oriented restaurant. Using fresh ingredients to make fresh, delicious pizza is one way to help, but sharing a portion of our profits is another way to give something back. 

We’ve helped a wide range of non-profit organizations across Wyoming, and we hope to help many more. Maybe your organization could be the next one to benefit! 


How to Apply

Are you interested in benefiting from the program? It’s effortless to sign up, and you can do it today! The whole process should only take a few minutes. 

Just fill out the Pizza For a Purpose program application on our website with all the details of your organization and the work you do in the community. Once the application is finished, email it along to We’ll get back to you and find a convenient time to come down for Pizza For a Purpose.

On the Night

Once your application has been accepted, it’s time to start planning your night! You can discuss with us how you’d like to promote your organization and how many people you can bring along on the night,

There is plenty of parking close to the store. The best place to park is along McClelland Street. 

Enjoy Pizza For a Purpose Today!

Whether you run a local non-profit organization or you’re just a fan of delicious pizza for dinner, we can help. Our Pizza For a Purpose events are fantastic for everyone. 

Want to try a delicious bite while supporting the local community? Learn more about the Pizza For a Purpose Program today!



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