Pizza Volta Draft Beers: Our Top Five Favorites

Apr 19, 2023 | Beer

Are you a fan of pizza and beer? We know the combination is tasty, so here at Pizza Volta, we decided to take things one step further. We’ve worked hard to curate a delicious selection of craft beers that perfectly pair with our famous pizzas – and now we’re sharing our top five favorites!

Whether you prefer light and fruity or dark and hoppy, a beer on this list will please your taste buds. Keep reading to discover which draft beers made this exclusive list!

UTOG Son of a Peach Hefeweizen

Brewed with fresh peaches, the Son of a Peach Hefeweizen is a local beer offering subtle sweetness and pleasant fruitiness. The beer is also brewed with wheat, which gives it a smooth and creamy texture. The result is a light, refreshing beer perfect for sipping on a hot summer day.

One of the great things about the UTOG Son of a Peach Hefeweizen is its versatility. The brew complements many different foods, making it easy to pair.

For example, the Son of a Peach Hefeweizen goes great with Pizza Volta’s Margherita or Bianca pizza, both made with fresh ingredients. But it’s also wonderful to pair with spicy foods, as the beer’s sweetness helps balance the heat.

Red Rock Zwickelbier

Red Rock’s Zwickelbier is a German-style pilsner. Made at a Salt Lake City brewery, an unfiltered traditional brewing style gives this beer a crisp, clean taste. The familiar flavors of the Red Rock Zwickelbier make it among the most popular choices at Pizza Volta.

It goes down easily and pairs well with most pizza options. So whether you’re enjoying a classic pepperoni pizza or trying something new, the Red Rock Zwickelbier is an excellent choice.

Shades Hazy IPA

No beer on tap tastes better than an India Pale Ale (IPA). However, if you’re a fan of hoppy beers, you’ll love the Shades Hazy IPA. This beer is bursting with flavor, with delicious grapefruit notes.

Despite its bold flavor, this IPA is smooth and easy to drink. Try pairing it with Pizza Volta’s Love Ya Elote pizza for a delicious combination of heat and hops.

Bewilder Raspberry Sour

Pizza Volta draft beers also hopped on the fruited sour craze. The Bewilder Raspberry Sour is tart and tangy, with a hint of sweetness from the raspberries.

This beer hits the spot on sweltering summer days or after a long hike. It’s perfect for those who prefer sour food and pairs well with Pizza Volta’s Proscuitts Brah pizza.


The UINTA Trader IPA is a classic West Coast-style IPA with a strong hop flavor and apricot, apple, and lime notes. It’s a favorite beer in Salt Lake City among locals and tourists.

The Trader IPA offers bold flavors that pair well with fine foods that complement it. We recommend any single-topping pizza on the Pizza Volta menu, including the classic Bianca or Pepperoni.

Get Pizza Volta Draft Beers Today

There you have it – the best and brightest of Pizza Volta draft beers. Whether you like light and refreshing beers or bold and hoppy ones, our draft selection will satisfy your taste buds.

Don’t like our top 5 choices? There’s more where that came from. We have a robust lineup of drafts, a rotating menu, and plenty of domestic and imported cans and bottles to suit your fancy.

Place your Pizza Volta order today and taste the difference!


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