Create an Unforgettable Pizza Party with Pizza Volta

May 11, 2023 | Pizza, Pizza Party

The delicious taste of pizza has been a staple since 1889 when our kindly Italian forebearers graced the world with the first Margherita pie. That means folks worldwide have been throwing pizza parties for over 130 years.

How can you ensure yours will stand out in the annals of history? 

Well, we’ll go out on a limb and guess they didn’t have Pizza Volta’s Love Ya Elote or Drivin’ Me Caprese at those nineteenth-century shindigs. 

The key to a great pizza party is a novelty, and who better to help you plan yours than the masters? So we’ve created this guide to help you throw the best bash in town, toppings included.

Read on to learn our tips for unforgettable pizza party planning.

Even Pizza Volta’s Menu Is a Party

One glance at Pizza Volta’s menu, and you’ll realize that even our pizza is dressed to impress! Unique flavor combinations are critical to a memorable bash! You won’t find our menu’s flavorful, unique offerings anywhere else—and neither will your guests. 

Keep It Funky, Keep It Fresh

When you throw a pizza party, it’s a given that the food will be the star. So when you order from Pizza Volta, you’ll know you’re getting high-quality, fresh ingredients. Everything from our produce to our cheese is as new as it gets, and your hungry guests will taste the difference.

Perfect Spot for Your Guests

If you are looking for another place to host instead of your house, look no further than our Pizza Volta location. Our event space is the perfect venue for any occasion, comfortably accommodating 20 to 200 guests. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a club gathering, a family celebration, or any other type of private event, our space can be customized to suit your specific needs. 

Our Staff is So Cool. You’ll Want Us on the Guest List

We don’t want to brag, but we think everyone on our staff is pretty cool. You’ll find out when you call up to place your order! Our team is friendly and experienced, and our customer service is impeccable. 

There’s No End to Pizza-Themed Entertainment

Biting into a slice of Pizza Volta’s Beats By Dill-a is an event by itself, but you can only spend so long eating. So here are our other favorite ways to keep guests busy at your ‘Za-themed event. 

Make Your Custom Pizza

What’s the only thing more fun than eating a pizza? If you set up a few pizza-making stations, guests can make a pizza, too. Reach out about DIY pizza kits featuring our iconic fresh ingredient combos.

Pair It and Share It

Who says a pizza party can’t be classy? So offer guests some wine and beer pairings for a higher-brow tasting experience. After all, wine goes great with cheese, melted or otherwise!

Pizza Is Portable

The best part about a pizza party is that guests can take pizza wherever they go, including outside. Set up some lawn games like cornhole or Jenga Giant. Toss the bean bag with one hand and hold your slice with the other.

Dance Off All That Cheese With Pizza Party Entertainment

When things slow down, grab your favorite slice and take it to the dance floor! We recommend live music for a high-octane experience that can match your favorite Pizza Volta flavor combo. Shuffle off your Truffle Shuffle slice!

Your Next Pizza Party Starts Here

Can you really call it a pizza party if you’re stuck gnawing on the same old, stale delivery pizza? Elevate your next affair with a bespoke pie from Pizza Volta, where choosing a slice is an event in and of itself! With sixteen incredible combos, you can keep the hot slices coming until the last guest boogies out the door! 

Start the planning process by browsing our menu. We guarantee you’ll find something unique to keep even the most discerning partygoer fed. 


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