Which Pizza Volta Pizza Matches Your Personality?

Feb 1, 2023 | Pizza

Have you heard the expression, “you are what you eat?” We’ve done some preliminary research and found the adage to be true.

That’s why we’ve made it our resolution to devour more inspired Pizza Volta pizza in 2023! 

With an expansive, creative menu like ours, deciding on just one pizza can be tricky. But, if you really are what you eat, a menu option must perfectly match your unique personality, right? 

We want it to be love at first bite. That’s why we’ve created this Pizza Volta personality quiz to help match you and your friends with the perfect slice. So whether you’re ordering your first Pizza Volta Pizza or your hundredth, this quiz will help you discover your new go-to order. 

Keep reading to discover your Pizza Personality. 

Which Pizza Volta Pizza Matches Your Personality?

You can search the world, but you won’t find a menu like ours anywhere else—and once you’ve taken your first bite, you’ll quit searching! Scan the list below for the personality that matches yours to discover the unique culinary creation that will change how you see pizza forever. 

Are You the Caring and Trustworthy Friend?

You’re going to fall head-over-heels for our classic cheese pizza. It’s just like you: Steadfast and consistent, like a rock. Or, well, like a cheese pizza.  

Are You the “Mom Friend?”

The “mom friend” need not have any children—but they’re ever reliable and always have anything you might need on hand. If you’re that friend, our Meatbawls pizza is a kindred spirit, assuming you need a juicy Italian meatball. 

Are You the Resident Foodie?

You’re the pal with the sophisticated palate, which means you’re discerning about what you put on your plate. We’ve got you. Our Truffle Shuffle pizza is flavored with a touch of truffle oil, making it as refined as your remarkable taste buds.

Are You the One Who Stands Out in a Crowd?

You’re the bold, open-minded member of the friend group, which means you’ll try anything once. Once you’ve taken a bite of our Beets By Dill pizza, you’ll want to try it again and again! It’s the only pizza on our menu, as original as you are.

Are You the Chill Friend?

The laid-back, self-confident friend is good at going with the flow. While you’ll eat whatever your friends order, you deserve a slice that matches your cool, relaxed vibe. Our Love Ya Elote pizza is all you’ll be able to taco bout once you’re tasted that sweet, sweet BBQ sauce.

Are You the One Who Makes the Plans?

You’re the fun friend –  who takes risks, makes wild plans, and helps push everyone else out of their comfort zone. That’s why you need to be the one to order an It’s Your Funeral pizza for the group. Who else is adventurous enough to insist on a slice covered in roasted potatoes and cornflakes?

The Perfect Pizza for Every Personality

We’re willing to bet every member of your friend group has at least one thing in common: you’re all starving after taking our quiz!

Luckily for the crew, you’ll have no trouble choosing the perfect Pizza Volta pizza for your next hangout. We’ve got something for every palate and personality, from the classic to the adventurous. And with community initiatives like “pizza for a purpose,” you can feel good about stuffing your face!

Ready for the best slice of your life? Check out our online menu, and then stop by or order delivery online. 



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